Terms and conditions of Full hydro electricity agreements

  • The agreement price will remain the same for the whole agreement period, unless there are changes to taxes or official charges concerning electricity.
  • The agreement includes a monthly basic charge (euros per month) and a fixed price for the consumed amount of energy (cents per kWh).
  • The agreement will be valid for the fixed term indicated on the agreement confirmation. At the end of this term, the customer can choose another agreement.
  • If no new agreement is chosen, the agreement will automatically change into an agreement that is valid until further notice so that the supply of electricity can continue uninterrupted.
  • The energy for a Full Hydro agreement is generated entirely by hydro power.
  • If the customer moves, the agreement can be terminated or moved to the new address.


A Full hydro agreement is a fixed-term electricity sales agreement made between the customer and Vattenfall Oy (hereinafter referred to as Vattenfall) that takes effect on the agreed date of commencing electricity supplies. The supply of electricity must begin within no more than three months of making the agreement. The Full hydro agreement governs the sale price of electricity. The local grid company will also collect power transmission charges and electricity tax.

Invoicing will be based on hourly consumption data at all points of use where this is technically feasible (hourly metering). Time division of night and day energy and seasonal energy will comply with Vattenfall practices based on Decree no. 66 of 2009 of the Council of State 1. This time division defines daytime as the hours between 07.00 and 22.00 and nighttime as the hours between 22.00 and 07.00. Time division of seasonal energy defines an ordinary winter weekday as the time between 07.00 and 22.00 on Mondays to Saturdays falling between 1 November and 31 March only. Sites where hourly invoicing is not possible will comply with the time division applied by the local grid company.

1 Valtioneuvoston asetus sähköntoimitusten selvityksestä ja mittauksesta (Decree of the Council of State on determining and metering electric power supplies)


A Full hydro agreement is safe and convenient

The sale price of the Full hydro agreement that you are now making will remain the same throughout the agreement period, provided that there are no changes in taxes and official charges affecting electricity. The following general terms and conditions of electricity sales will otherwise govern any amendment of the agreement during the agreement period. When making the agreement you have selected the option best suited to your electricity consumption. In the event of any substantial change in the character of your electricity consumption and changes in the manner of metering energy, you will be entitled to change to another Vattenfall fixed-term electricity agreement at its price at the time concerned, once a year during the agreement period. You will be invoiced in the manner and at the intervals that you have chosen.

Electricity generated by hydropower

The energy supplied under a Full hydro agreement has been wholly generated using hydropower. Vattenfall agrees to purchase energy generated by hydropower corresponding to the electricity used by the customer.

Right to change

If your Full hydro agreement includes a right to change, then you will also be entitled to terminate the agreement before the end of the agreement period and make a new electricity sales agreement with Vattenfall of duration not less than that of the Full hydro agreement that you are currently making, and at our offering prices at the time concerned. The new agreement will not automatically include any corresponding or other right to change without expressly agreeing on this point. You will be responsible as a customer for monitoring prices and exercising the right to change. A non-recurrent right to change fee will be added to the normal electricity bill after making an agreement on the right to change. On including a right to change in your agreement, you also undertake to pay the right to change fee even in the event that you exercise the right to change before the said fee has been billed or in the event that your agreement is prematurely terminated, for example due to a change of address. The right to change fee payable corresponds to the annual consumption forecast for your point of use.

Commitment to the agreement

The agreement is specific to the customer and point of use. If you change address, then you must notify Vattenfall of your change of point of use two weeks in advance by calling the customer service desk or advising us by post, telefax or e-mail. Your agreement ends when you change address, but you may make a new fixed-term agreement at the prices that apply at the time. The agreement may not otherwise be terminated before the end of the agreement period without special grounds (points 10.2.1. - 10.2.5 of the general terms and conditions of electricity sale agreements – TESa 2014).

We shall offer terms and conditions to you for a new fixed period agreement well before the agreement period ends. If you are unwilling to continue the agreement for a fixed term, then it will continue in force for an indefinite period at the prices separately announced by Vattenfall, subject to two weeks’ notice of termination by either party.

General terms and conditions governing the agreement

The agreement shall be governed in other respects by the general terms and conditions of electricity sale agreements – TESa 2014.

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